Services offered

Our family organizes wine tasting for organized groups of up to 50 persons. The family wines are associated with traditional Swabian cookery.

For special moments

We keep wines from our personal reserve for the important moments of family life, or offer them to our friends on special occasions. Limited edition to only 5000 bottles.

A real passion

We have created this wine with passion and carefulness for the pleasure of having a good wine at the family table, and for the joy of sharing it with our friends.

"Today, I work together with my children and my desire for future generations is for them to also enjoy the family wines and to be proud of the Hetei name."

Hetei Lázsló
The HETEI family's winery

Email:, Telephone/Fax: 0040 261 870090,
Mobile: 0040 744939699
447040 Beltiug, Main street, nr. 611, Satu Mare county, Romania

Opening Hours
From Monday until Friday,
we are open from 9 AM to 6 PM

Telephone : 0040 261 870090,
Mobile: 0040 744939699,