“My parents took me along with them on the sunny hills of Beltiug, in the family vineyard, ever since I was a small child, and I can still remember how, every year, I anxiously awaited the grape picking day. When I grew up I helped them cultivate the grapevines and make the family wine just as they, in their turn, had helped my grandparents and as, in fact, it has been the tradition in our family for hundreds of years. At present, I work together with my children and my desire for future generations is for them to also enjoy the family wines and to be proud of the Hetei name.For this to be possible, it is no longer enough to merely continue the family tradition, but also, within a sustainable development, we need to adopt the newest viticulture practices and the most modern technologies in wine production, as this is the only way to improve the quality of Hetei wines. At the same time, we are compelled to build a strong name, so that it can provide our heirs a minimum advantage in an ever more competitive market.We have expanded the grapevine cultivation area to 15 hectares, and our vineyards have been completely replanted with noble varieties. We have increased the wine vault, which was dug in the hill of Beltiug by my family 100 years ago, by 22 meters, and we have populated it with small Romanian and French oak barrels. Wine production now takes place in a facility built for this purpose, equipped with modern technology and benefiting from temperature control. Thus, we follow tradition, but our wines are no longer traditional, and we have a family business, however we do not produce home-made wine.”

László Hetei